Grant Programs
The Guelph Community Foundation provides funding grants that promote and support community initiatives and non-profit charitable organizations. We bring local knowledge, experience and a network of community relationships to our grant making. 

To ensure you do not miss a funding opportunity, we encourage organizations to subscribe to our Twitter feed.  Are you eligible for grants? Learn more by reading our granting eligibility and guidelines.

2021 Grants Schedule

We invite charitable organizations to apply for grants to the following programs below. 

How to apply:

1) Please utilize our grants portal for all applications:

2) Check to see within your organization if an account has already been created, if you are not sure, please email us: - only one account is created per organization, multiple users are registered to each charity account and can collaborate on applications together.

3) Please 
login to your account to see the application form. This login is the same for all funding streams and all follow up reports and grant request history is saved. Our portal also has the ability to provide a status update on any applications currently in for review.

Please note - if you have any outstanding grant evaluations, you are ineligible for future funding until all requirements of past grants have been fulfilled.   

1) Kids to Camp - funding stream now closed
Our children and youth summer camp funding provides grants to registered charities (or organizations partnered with a registered charity) operating camps that help children and youth from financially disadvantaged families participate in the summer camp experience. These grants are supported by several funds held at The Guelph Community Foundation and typically range between $500 to $3,000 each per year.

In 2020 this stream of funding granted to charitable organizations unrestricted and dollars could be directed where they were needed most. For 2021 due to Covid-19 uncertainty around summer camps, we will again be granting unrestricted so dollars can be used quickly to support the changing requirements of summer camp programs and offer organizations flexibility to how summer camp programming can be delivered.

2) Musagetes Grant Program - funding stream now closed
The Musagetes Fund is intended to act as a catalyst for the ongoing production and enjoyment of performing, visual and literary arts excellence in Guelph and area. The Fund promises to make a meaningful and lasting contribution for our community’s benefit and our arts scene.
For 2021, the Musagetes Fund is particularly interested in new approaches to building community and culture. Preference will be given to organizations that engage one community-based partner who satisfies a connection(s) to social justice, environmental resilience, and intercultural relationships through the arts. 

3) Community Grants - applications open July 9, 2021 - deadline to apply August 13, 2021
For 2021, our community grants stream will provide dollars to registered charities (or non-profits partnered with a registered charity) operating community programs in Guelph or Wellington County. The granting criteria for charitable organizations seeking funding will require applications meet both of the following:

  1. Fits within the framework of Toward Common Ground wellbeing concepts:
    • Belonging and Participation
    • Economic and Household Resources
    • Education
    • Environment
    • Health
    • Leisure and Culture
    • Safety
    • Transportation
  2. Connects to one (1) of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as outlined on page 22 of our Guelph & Wellington County Vital Signs report.  The SDGs are ranked in order of importance, according to this international framework for local responsibility. To view an electronic copy of the Guelph & Wellington County Vital Signs report that outlines these categories please click here
  3. Funding requests are a maximum of $5000.00 per application for 2021

4) Government of Canada Emergency Community Response Fund (ECSF) - more information will follow in 2021 once we have updates

This $350 million Emergency Community Support Fund was initially announced on April 21, 2020 by the Prime Minister of Canada. It is part of a broad series of emergency response measures by the Government of Canada. Starting on October 5, the final installment of dollars was released.

The Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) is being delivered by Community Foundations of Canada (CFC), United Way Centraide Canada (UWCC), and the Canadian Red Cross (CRC). Each funding partner, and their network, can support communities in various ways.

Our funding stream will receive applications from qualified donees
Qualified donees are defined by the CRA and include the following:
  • registered charities;
  • registered Canadian amateur athletic associations;
  • low-cost housing corporations for the aged
  • First Nations and other registered municipal or public bodies performing a function of government in Canada
  • registered Canadian municipalities or their housing, cultural and recreational agencies (sorted by province/territory)

As you prepare your application, it is important to know that we are required to hold an open, impartial and fair selection and assessment process to fund projects which respect the following principles:
  • Addressing a pressing social inclusion or well-being need caused by COVID-19;
  • Serving one or more vulnerable populations; and
  • Is not duplicating funds from another source to cover the same project expenses and budget lines for which organizations have applied and/or received funding.