Grant Programs
The Guelph Community Foundation provides grants that promote and support community initiatives and non-profit charitable organizations. We bring local knowledge, experience and a network of community relationships to our grant making. We are able to see 'the big picture' and build on community strengths.

To ensure you do not miss a funding opportunity, we encourage organizations to subscribe to our Twitter feed.  Are you eligible for grants? Learn more by reading our granting eligibility and guidelines.

grants schedule
We invite charitable organizations to apply for grants to the following grant programs listed below. Please read the application guidelines to ensure that your organization qualifies for the programs being offered – as each program has specific criteria.

1) 2019 Children & Youth Summer Camp Program - Closed

The Children & Youth Summer Camp Program provides grants (financial support) to organizations operating camps that help children and youth from financially disadvantaged families participate in the summer camp experience.  This grant is supported by several funds held at The Guelph Community Foundation, including the Bonnie Ewen Fund, and Camp Discover Fund.  If approved, grants typically range between $500 to $3,000.

Camp Application Guidelines
The Foundation will consider applications for support from camps that are operated by local not-for-profit organizations with a charitable registration number, and:
  • have a process in place to determine financial need;
  • provide day or overnight camping opportunities to children who reside in Guelph and surrounding communities and who are in need of financial assistance;
  • serve children from the community-at-large;
  • and/or serve children with special needs, or who are disadvantaged, or who are vulnerable because of their life circumstances (for example, physical or mental challenges, major illness, survivors or witness of violence).  
To view the list of recipients for the summer of 2018 please click here.

2) 2019 Scholarship & Bursary Awards
Through our scholarships and bursary program, The Guelph Community Foundation (GCF) supports continuing education, training of promising students, and financial assistance for post secondary education.

For most GCF scholarships and bursaries, the selection process is managed directly by the educational institution.  Students are nominated by their institution and the grant is given to the educational institution, that in turn, gives it to the student.  A list of all GCF awards and scholarship funds appears in our Report to the Community each year.  Award availability may vary from year to year.

3) 2019 Community Grants - Opens Monday June 10, 2019 

Community Grants Application Criteria

In 2019, the granting criteria for charitable organizations seeking funding will create and submit an application that meets both of the following:
  1. Is categorized under one of the following areas, as highlighted in the 2018 Guelph & Wellington County Vital Signs report:
    • Education
    • Health
    • Community Vitality
    • Environment
    • Leisure, Culture and Recreation
  2. Connects to one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as outlined on page 22 of the Guelph & Wellington County Vital Signs report.  The SDGs are ranked in order of importance, according to this international framework for local responsibility.
Collaborative efforts with one or more additional partner is encouraged.  To view an electronic copy of the Guelph & Wellington County Vital Signs report that outlines these categories please click here.  

Our 2018 Community Grants recipients can be found here

4) 2019 Musagetes Grant Program - Opens Monday June 10, 2019

Musagetes Application Criteria
For 2019, The Musagetes Fund goal is to make arts more central and meaningful in people's lives.  We are looking for innovative and bold projects that help with new approaches to building community and culture. Application cover letter must outline how your project will support and advance social justice and enivornmental resilience.  To read the complete 2019 Musagetes Fund guidelines and requirements, please click here.

To apply for 2019 Musagetes Grants online, please click here.

Congratulations to our 2018 Musagetes Grant Recipients! To view a list of recipients click here.

The Musagetes Fund is a donor advised fund within The Guelph Community Foundation.  Each year the fund looks for different types of projects, programs or activities that strenthen community through the arts.  For 2018, the Musagetes Fund was interested in organizations that engage a community-based partner with a connection to social justice, environmental resilience and/or intercultural relationships.  

If you have an outstanding post-grant evaluation, you are ineligible for future granting programs until all requirements of past grants have been fulfilled.  

grant criteria
All applicants must review the General Application Guidelines to determine eligibility and to learn more about what we do and do not fund. Your organization should verify that it qualifies for the grant program prior to submitting an application. If you would like to discuss your project before completing an application, please contact our office.

to apply for a grant
On-line submission: 
We will be accepting select grant programs through an on-line grant application process. Those affected will have a link directed to the specific application. Before you begin, read through the important tips and the required information, then complete and submit your grant application. We encourage all charitable organizations to apply on-line. 
Need a PDF converter? It's free, click the icon to download: 
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Electronic submission:
If you would like to submit an application by email, please send it to our office. Within a few days you must receive a verification that it has been received, if you do not receive this verification, please contact our office.
Mail submission:
The Guelph Community Foundation, PO Box 1311, Guelph, ON  N1H 6N6

In-person submission (our street location):
46 Cork Street East, Guelph, ON  N1H 2W8

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