Charitable Endowment Funds
Establishing an agency endowment fund at The Guelph Community Foundation is a simple and efficient way to build income for your non-profit organization. Generally, charitable endowment funds are established by the organization itself with a larger gift and donations of any size are welcomed after the initial investment. All donated assets are irrevocable and held in perpetuity with interest income distributed annually to the organization. If you are interested in learning more, please connect with staff.
benefits of partnering with The Guelph Community Foundation
1] Professional Management 
The Foundation provides prudent long-term professional management of the funds assets. Our Investment Committee, Investment Manager and foundation staff make sure that funds are handled diligently with your longer term objectives in mind.
2] Donor Relations & Stewardship
Charitable agencies like to take advantage of The Foundation's outstanding donor services. Funds can be established to accept additional donations of any size from donors who would like to support the future of your organization. They will receive a tax receipt for their gift. Donors enjoy the giving options that meet their specific needs whether it be a gift for the present (such as cash or securities) or a planned gift for the future (such as a bequest in their will).
3] Low-Cost Fund Management
Charitable organizations can save thousands of dollars a year in bookkeeping, investment management fees and donor relations staff time. A very small administrative fee is taken by The Foundation, and this is standard practice among community foundations with high quality investment management. This allows your staff time to focus on organizational objectives and fulfilling your mission, rather than the administrative complexities of establishing, maintaining and monitoring investment policies and procedures.
4] Reputation 
Charitable organizations can enjoy the reputation of The Guelph Community Foundation and our donor services, community relations and professional advisor connections.
Should your charitable organization have an endowment fund? Our FAQ will answer your questions.