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The Guelph Community Foundation distributes an email newsletter a few times a year that is exclusive to professional advisors. This e-publication holds information that is of particular interest to advisors and their clients. Below is a sample listing of the topics you will find in this special publication that may be of interest to your clients:

planned charitable giving
Many clients want their professional advisors to help them plan charitable giving. The Foundation can work with you to answer these questions and help each client fulfill their charitable goals. Your client may be able to reduce their taxable estate through a charitable bequest or other planned gift that will create a legacy of caring in the community that stays true to their charitable intent forever.

gifts of stock
Your client may have appreciated stock and wants to use a portion of the gains for charitable giving, but the identified charities are too small to accept direct stock gifts. Find out how your client can receive a tax deduction on the full market value, while avoiding the capital gains tax that would otherwise arise from sale of the stock.

establishing a private foundation
Your client is thinking about establishing a private foundation, but is looking for a simpler, more cost-efficient alternative. The Foundation can help you and your client analyze the pros and cons of creating a donor advised fund or a private foundation.

year-end tax planning
Your client just earned a large bonus or received an inheritance and wants to give a portion back to the community, but has no time to decide on the most deserving charities. Information on immediate tax deductions and how to tailor their giving and determine the charitable organizations that will benefit from their gift.
A free on-line tool kit is available to you, compliments of Community Foundations of Canada. This tool kit offers advisors practical and flexible tools for charitable giving.