Start a Fund

A community foundation is a collection of charitable funds established by people from all walks of life who have one thing in common – the desire to make a difference in their community. Donations to endowment funds are pooled together and invested. The income from these investments is then granted to support local registered charities, while the capital remains untouched. This means your original gift will have impact in the community today, tomorrow, and forever.

how to start a fund
The first thing to consider when establishing a fund is whether you would like to start a fund now or later.
Starting a Fund Now
By creating a fund now, you have the opportunity to make your fund the centre of your charitable efforts. It is about making a difference by consciously choosing how much to give, when to give, and for what purpose. Or you may choose to donate to our Guelph Community Foundation (GCF) Community Fund and pool your money with others to address community needs.
How to Start Now
We offer a variety of giving tools: gifts of cash, life insurance and publicly traded securities, proceeds from golf tournaments or other self-organized fundraisers.  By donating stock, you can receive preferential tax treatment and you avoid the capital gains that would otherwise arise from the sale of the stock.

Starting a Fund Later
The Guelph Community Foundation offers opportunities to make a future gift. We can work with you and/or your advisor to ensure the permanent endowment created at the time of your passing reflects your wishes for giving in the community.

How to Start Later
Whether it is selecting The Guelph Community Foundation to be a beneficiary in your will, life insurance policy, RRSPs or RRIFs, we can provide a way for you to give back to the community you care about.
If you decide to leave a gift in your will to The Foundation, we would be delighted to hear from you. We treat all information you give us in strict confidence, and would be happy to discuss your wishes and fund options with you.

To view our easy-to-understand guide for investors, please click here.

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fund options
We offer many different types of funds, each designed to present something different to our donors, that will suit their philanthropic objectives. 
Unrestricted Funds
The flexibility of your unrestricted gift enables The Guelph Community Foundation to respond to the community’s most pressing needs, today and in the future. Your unrestricted gift (of any amount) is then used to make a difference where it is needed most.

Named funds can be established with a gift of $10,000, or emerging funds can be created with pledge commitments. The Foundation evaluates all aspects of community well-being: arts and culture, education, environment, health, social services and more when granting.  
Field of Interest Funds
You can target your gift to address needs in an important area of community life. The arts. Aging. Youth at-risk. The environment. You identify your personal interest area when making your gift and The Foundation awards grants to community agencies and programs that are making a difference in the area you select. Your gift stays flexible enough to meet community needs in your interest area - even as they change over time.
Designated Funds
A designated fund provides a wonderful way to give back to one or more specific organizations that have touched your life. It is an effective way to provide ongoing funding for a museum, seniors centre, trail development, or virtually any non-profit charitable organization. You identify the charitable organization(s) that you wish to benefit through your gift and The Foundation manages the annual distribution of funds through grants. 
Donor Advised Funds
A donor advised fund offers much of the flexibility of a private foundation, with less cost and administrative work for the donor. For families, it allows you to establish a charitable legacy in your family’s name, fulfill charitable interests and help build a tradition of giving. For corporations, it provides a mechanism for strategic giving and opportunities for employees to be involved in community philanthropy. Working with our local grantmaking experts, you target the issues you care about most. Your recommendations are submitted to The Foundation’s Board of Directors for approval, and we manage the distribution of your grant. It is a powerful and highly personal approach to giving that helps your family or business stay connected to the community. Grants are issued to charities in the name of your fund.
Charitable Agency Endowment Funds
This is an attractive option for local charities that currently manage, or are interested in establishing their own endowment fund. Creating a charitable agency fund allows the organization freedom from investment responsibility and provides a source of income to carry out their work. It also gives donors the confidence of knowing that a permanent foundation is in place to professionally administer the charity’s endowment. Once established, the charity can encourage their supporters to contribute to their endowment fund through living or planned gifts.
Scholarship Funds
You can create a scholarship fund to support the continuing education or training of deserving students by selecting eligibility criteria to express your educational values — or those of your family or business.

You may also wish to transfer an existing Private or Family Foundation to the Guelph Community Foundation. It is cost effective and can ease your workload. You can take advantage of our professional investment management, donor administration and grant making expertise.