Random Act of Kindness History
RAK 2012
On November 9th 2012, The Guelph Community Foundation celebrated its 3rd Random Act of Kindness Day. Started in 2008  by The Kitchener-Waterloo Community Foundation, Guelph joins Cambridge, Oakville, Orillia, London, Brantford, Windsor and others. Imagine, hundreds of thousands of kind gestures - it's a very powerful day! 

Thank you to the Guelph Review for capturing RAK day with a video. Although no act of kindness is too small, here are just a few that were shared with us through social media:
  • Breanna gave her bus driver a Tims card;
  • Tom Bird and Jay Elinesky (RBC Wealth Management) gave running shoes and t-shirts to 60 kids in the Start 2 Finish Running Club at Willow Road School;
  • Charlene gave hugs and thank-you's to the front office staff;
  • Students at L'École L'Odysée raked leaves in the neighbourhood;
  • RLB gave free coffee and muffins for folks at the Carden Street bus stop;
  • Magic and CJOY gave gift cards for food;
  • The U of G gave candy floss, flowers and set-up a food drive;
  • The Letter M held a pancake breakfast in St. George's Square;
  • Westwood Public School made RAK day a month-long event;
  • HJM Insurance and The Joint Cafe gave 60 free coffees and BIG smiles to-go; 
  • Goodlife Fitness had free hot chocolate;
  • The Guelph Mercury gave away newspapers;
  • Powerline Electronics staff provided free pizza to customers
  • Agricorp used the day to encourage peer to peer nominations for their High Five.
Simple acts of kindness are endless - use your imagination and follow your heart. 

Research shows:
  Kindness is contagious.  Kindness increases group cohesion and employee engagement.  It’s a great team-building opportunity.  A great way to thank clients.  It teaches kids to appreciate those around them.  It involves and empowers everyone. How often can we say that?  It builds community and helps keep Guelph a great place to live.
RAK 2010 and 2011
In 2010, Guelph launched its first Random Act of Kindness Day.  In 2011, support from the entire community continued to grow. From schools to seniors, corporations to community groups, over 120 organizations participated officially and thousands of people found interesting ways to be kind, collaborate and encourage others to pay-it-forward. Check out some of the activities that happened around town.    

Visit an elderly friend.
Call your mom.
Say 'well done'.
Hold open a door.
Help someone move.
Volunteer your time.
Offer someone a ride.
Donate blood.
Organize a potluck.
Buy someone a coffee.
Offer to carry groceries.

101 Free RAK Ideas