Friday, November 7, 2014 #RAKGUELPH

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What is RAK day
RAK Day was started in 2008 by the Kitchener-Waterloo Community Foundation to bring communities together by engaging citizens in small acts of kindness and generosity. 

RAK is an opportunity to do something kind for someone else, to appreciate fellow citizens and for community building – it’s NOT about fundraising or giving money – just a day to celebrate kindness. Simple acts of kindness are endless; buy someone a coffee, congratulate someone on a job well done, offer to drive someone to an appointment, etc.

How to get Involved
There will be 50,000 RAK Day cards available in our community. The cards encourage the holder to perform a simple act of kindness for someone, then hand over the card to that person, and encourage him or her to do the same.

In 2013, over 200 organizations participated. For information about our past RAK days, please click here


RAK Tool Kit
To assist individuals and organizations with performing Random Acts of Kindness, there are free and downloadable resources below.

our list of 101 Random Acts of Kindness
Use our RAK logo in colour or black and white on your website and then link the logo to this page.
Post the 2014 RAK Poster
Watch the 2013 RAK Video by Intrigue Video
Pick Up your RAK Cards at the Guelph Community Foundation office
Share the 2014 Random Act of Kindness Day Fact Sheet

Hillary Coates
RAK Committee Chair
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Research shows:  Kindness is contagious.  Kindness increases group cohesion and employee engagement.  It’s a great team-building opportunity.  A great way to thank clients.  It teaches kids to appreciate those around them.  It involves and empowers everyone. How often can we say that?  It builds community and helps keep Guelph a great place to live.
“The MacMillan group had a fantastic time this morning. The best thing about a random act of kindness is how good it makes you feel. Congratulations on an exceptional day in Guelph.”
- Doug MacMillan, President of The Letter M Marketing
Visit an elderly friend.
Call your mom.
Say 'well done'.
Hold open a door.
Help someone move.
Volunteer your time.
Offer someone a ride.
Donate blood.
Organize a potluck.
Buy someone a coffee.
Offer to carry groceries.

101 Free RAK Ideas