Random Act of Kindness Day 2016: Friday November 4, 2016

Stay tuned for information on poster templates, school kits and ideas for this year.  In the meantime, scroll down to see what went on in Guelph last year for Random Act of Kindness Day in Guelph!  #RAKGuelph

Random Act of Kindness Day 2015

Random Act of Kindness Day was a huge success in Guelph this year!  The streets, schools and businesses were alive with displays of kindness in all shapes and forms.  Brant Avenue school students were surprised with a pancake breakfast served up by the folks at Meridian Credit Union. The students at Saint-Renee-Goupil rallied together to make fruit trays, cookie trays and food baskets for Sister Christine and The Drop-in Centre.  The Guelph Public library handed out free books, and had the author of the "Jazlyn J" book series sign copies for the children.  The Volunteer Centre gave out hand-made red mittens to people on the streets of downtown Guelph.  The University of Guelph campus was swarming with kindness acitivities:  free hot chocolate, cotton candy, a "kindness wall" and an "Instagram Kindness Photo Booth".  Students across Guelph and surrounding communities integrated the message of kindness into their curriculum and school activities.  Students displayed kindness in several creative ways, like writing a "kindness RAP song" and making a music video to help spread the message to students.  Morning announcements were all about kindness, students showing gratitude to teachers, staff and each other.  One class even went out into the community and raked leaves for unsuspecting neighbours!  Members of the Brownie Troup decorated cards with messages of kindness and delivered them to The Elliott Seniors Community.  SmithValeriote law firm were out at the hospital, randomly paying for parking tickets.  Magic 106.1 and CJOY did a fantastic job of not just talking-the-talk but walking it - they delivered pizzas, paid for random grocery and gas bills - and brightened thousands of listeners days by sharing stories of kindness throughout Guelph. Guelph Transit riders received free Guelph Mercury papers.  Guelph Storm fans were treated to free hot chocolate on their way to the game, courtesy of The Community of Hearts.  Planet Bean was giving out free coffee when you showed your library card.  There was a "kindness is sweet" lolipop shop set up on the sidewalk in front of The Guelph Community Foundation.   Everywhere you looked, there were oversized post-in notes with messages of kindness.  So much was going on throughout the day - if you would like to find out more, try searching #RAKGuelph on Facebook.

Were you caught in the Act of Kindness?
Here's a few photos from Random Act of Kindness Day 2015

What is RAK day?
This is the 6th year that Random Act of Kindness (RAK) Day will be celebrated in Guelph!  Each year the momentum has grown, and we are energized as a community to continue those acts of kindness throughout the year.   The Guelph Community Foundation is the Guelph Headquarters for Random Act of Kindness Day - and we are here to encourage you to make it a great day on Friday November 6th!

RAK is an opportunity to do something kind for someone else, to appreciate fellow citizens and for community building – it’s NOT about fundraising or giving money – just a day to celebrate kindness. Simple acts of kindness are endless; buy someone a coffee, congratulate someone on a job well done, offer to drive someone to an appointment, rake leaves for a neighbour or visit a seniors centre.

Random Act of Kindness Day has become an amazing event that schools embrace to help communicate anti-bullying and encourage empathy through kindness amongst students. 

Random Act of Kindness Day has become a day that employers celebrate the hard work of their employees.

Random Act of Kindness Day has become a huge part of Student Life at The University of Guelph, and a great way to positively engage students and surprise them with kindness. 

Even though kindness should be part of our everyday life, it's easy to get busy and sidetracked.  Our hope is that Random Act of Kindness Day reminds people that to bring kindness to the top of their list - not just today, but every day.

How to get Involved
There are so many ways to show kindness!  If you need some inspiration or a few ideas, please click on our 101 Ideas below.  We have materials we can share with you to help "create" your Random Act of Kindness Day.  We have printed Random Act of Kindness cards that you can order (free of charge).  The cards encourage the holder to perform a simple act of kindness for someone, then hand over the card to that person, and encourage him or her to do the same.   We also have posters, bookmarks and other materials that we can provide to help make your activity get noticed.  Afterall, kindness is contagious.

If your school, company or community group could include a note about Random Act of Kindness Day on your website, your newsletter, Facebook page, Tweets, Linkedin activity - it will help spread the word and encourage people to participate.  Sharing your plans for celebrating the day may encourage others to think of their own ideas. 

Share the Kindness
Kindness is contagious.  Kindness inspires kindness.  So let's pass our stories on to encourage others.  If you witness, or experience a Random Act of Kindness on Friday November 6th, please post to your Facebook page, Twitter or Linedin and share by using @GuelphCF  #RAKGuelph

If you could post Random Act of Kindness reminders on your own Facebook pages, on your website page, in your newsletter, in your Tweets - for two or three weeks leading up to Random Act of Kindness Day that will help spread the word of kindness throughout our communities.

RAK Tool Kit
To assist individuals, schools and organizations with performing Random Acts of Kindness, there are free and downloadable resources below. 


Contains the program outline, ideas for the classroom, and a summary of all materials available to bring the concept to life within the classroom and school. Click to view or print.

Available in 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 format. 


Print two-sided.
Smaller option (4 per page) front & back

Prints two-sided.  Best if printed on card stock.  Requires trimming.
Front of bookmark (4 per page)
Backside of bookmark (4 per page)

STORY STARTER PAGES: Four themes available.



Website Topper
101 Random Act of Kindness Ideas
Kindness Quotes

POSTER: Random Act of Kindess DATE REMINDER
Available in 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 format


Available in 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 format


Available in 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 format

POSTER/DOOR SIGN: Kindness inspires Kindness

Available in 8.5 x 11 format

Prints on 8.5 x 11, best suited for printing on card stock

DESK CARD OR GREETING CARD (horizontal format, blank inside)
11 x 8.5 (prints landscape format).  Best if printed on card stock


Make Kindness a Priority logo

Random Act of Kindness Day logo

Kindness Inspires Kindness logo


We have printed cards and they are available at no charge for your use.  Please email specialprojects@guelphcf.ca or call our office to place your order.  

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